Uba tuba Dark green, almost black, granite consisting of green crystals and gold flake.
Venetian Gold Very consistent light yellow colored stone with honey highlights and burgundy bursts.
Grey Star This granite has a dark grey backdrop with large white particulates that cover majority of the slab. This is a very cool toned granite and will pair will with white or grey painted cabinetry if this is used for kitchen countertops!
Spanish White This stone strongly resembles quartz since it is such a uniform pattern. Its mostly black, white, and gray tones. If used as kitchen countertops, white painted cabinets or black stained cabinets would look great with it.
Cream Caramel Consistent pattern of brown and cream tones. Very, very rich and earth toned!
Spanish Star Uniform light gold granite peppered by taupe, black and burgundy quartz.
Luna Pearl Gracefully falling abstract snowflakes of interwoven gray, brown, and white crystals interlock to form Luna Pearl Granite. Hint of greyish blue adds to the beauty of this stone.
Venetian Pearl A light golden slab with pearl white blossoms, simple black veining and a peppering of burgundy
Santa Cecilia A light yellow background is accented by black crystal veining and a peppering of burgundy
Caledonia A very a coarse-grained granite of grey, brown, black and white.
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