Black Pearl. Black and dark grey stone with flecks of silver mica.
Brown Mirabella. Is a consistent pattern with cream colored blossoms accented by chocolate brown veining and taupe quartz.
Copper-Brown. Black background with copper brown pieces throughout.
Giallo Ornamenta. Available in both a dark and light shade.
Golden-sunset. A consistent pattern of golds and browns on an ivory rose backdrop.
Ornamental-Tan. Creamy granite with brown veining and burgundy speckling.
Sapphire-Blue. The primary color of Sapphire Blue Granite is blue. And there are also brown, black and sky blue flecks on it.
Silver-Pearl. Dark grey stone accented by silver mica.
Tan-Brown. Very popular do to the uniformity of the warm browns and terra cotta tones in this granite.
White Dallas. Cream and grey speckled stone with mild variations. Movement colors across the top are indigo, violet, and black.
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